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PGV @ Neumont University

Each quarter students who are working on their computer science degree at Neumont University are assigned tasks to work on related to the PhpGedView project. The students work on the project under the direction of PGV Founder, John Finlay. While working on the project, the students gain valuable experience working on an active, living open source project.

This quarter Neumont University students will work on:

  • Java FTP Installer - A team of students is working on a simple installer program which can be run from the desktop and used to automatically install PHP applications on a remote webserver.
  • Custom Reports - A team of students will be working on building a tool for creating custom reports.
  • AJAX Enhancements - A team of students will be working on integrating several AJAX enhancements including modularizing the AJAX tabs on the individual page, some UI improvements to the calendar, and a top-down descendancy chart.
  • FamilySearch Synchronization - FamilySearch is introducing new Web Services which are currently in a beta phase. This team will be working on finalizing the synchronization module which will integrate PGV and new FamilySearch.
  • GedSync Offline Synchronization Client - Along with the FamilySearch synchronization efforts, a team will be building an offline Java tool which will synchronize a local GEDCOM file with a PGV website.

In past quarters Neumont University students have worked on:

  • AJAX Enhancements (4.1) - use AJAX to load the tabs on the individual page. Enhance the hourglass chart to use AJAX to expand the tree more generations. For example you can continue to click and expand generations of the tree dynamically with AJAX without reloading the entire page.
  • prepare it for broader use and for presentation at genealogical conferences next year.
  • Bug Exterminators - This team is just assigned to fix as many bugs as they can in a 10 week quarter.
  • Media Enhancements (v4.1)
    • Media Viewer Page
    • Media list javascript slide show module
    • Support for PAF image cropping GEDCOM tags
  • Load Zoom Box details using AJAX technologies (v4.1)
  • Site Sanity Check - improve initial configuration system checks to ensure PHP and host is properly configured to run PhpGedView.
  • Clippings Cart (v4.1)
    • Enhance and revamp the clippings cart page to make it more usable
    • Add the option to add people to the cart from the cart page
    • Add option to zip the GEDCOM/Gramps XML with the associated media files Gramps XML
  • Gramps XML (v4.1)
    • Add option to download entire GEDCOM in Gramps XML form
    • Add option to retrieve raw data from the SOAP web service in Gramps XML format
    • Gramps XML export support to include full source and media support
  • Lifespan chart (v4.1)
  • Improve Performance of Soundex Search by putting soundex calculations in the database (v4.1)
  • Add support for MS SQL Server (v4.0)
  • Research Assistant Module (beta release)
    • Allow RA tasks to be assigned to different users
    • More census forms
    • Allow discussion comments to be made about individuals
    • Inferred facts from form data.
    • Improved Auto-Search features
  • SOAP based web services (included in v4.0)
  • Provide a way to link people across different GEDCOMS and across different PGV websites. This provides a way of creating one large interconnected .Genealogy Web. (v4.0)

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